Sign Up for the nightowls street team!

THE NIGHTOWLS are hitting the road this fall and we're looking for folks across the US who can help spread the word out about shows, the new album and most importantly, TEACHING PEOPLE THE DANCE MOVES!!!!!!!!!!

So, here's the skinny:

Sign Up on the NIGHTOWLS Street Team with your name, email address, your hometown and your mailing address.  Then when we're performing in your area, we'll mail you posters to hang in across town in public places, digital posters to share on your city's' local event listing websites and basically anything else you feel you need to get the word out. Let's get creative!

In exchange, we'll send you a couple comp tickets to the show, a signed tour poster and a free digital download of the new album, Fame Sessions.  Pretty sweeeeeeet, huh?  

Anyway, we're looking forward to hearing from all you pretty people.  Now, GET ON IT!

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