Austin is Truly Weird and Blessed with The Nightowls

"I've been listening to several bands lately with a might horns section and another one falls in my lap courtesy of Austin based The Nightowls. In early December they are releasing Good As Gold and if you enjoy a mix of Motown and Memphis - this CD is for you. In fact, listening transports one back to the 60's and 70's where The Nightowls could easily assimilate into the great Soul and R&B bands of that time. Frontman Ryan Harkride provides that classic era's vocals along with harmonies from Tara Williamson and Ellie Carroll. But it's the band's vibe that entraps me- the encompassing of keyboards, guitar, bass, and horns that get ya bouncing in your seat - at least in the car. At a club would be much more preferable and the band will celebrate their CD release show December 7th at Stubb's BBQ.  Pair with Austin's music friendly Thirsty Planet Brewing. Cheers."

The NightowlsComment