The Deli Magazine- "The Nightowls Soulful Gift"

The Nightowls' Soulful Gift

"Upon walking into Icenhaurer’s last Sunday evening, I found myself taken aback by the energy being emitted from the back patio. It passed through my ear canal, igniting an insatiable desire to jump, shout, and dance. The Nightowls’ front man, Ryan Harkrider, calls their sound a marriage of Soul with Motown, encompassingjazz, blues, R&B, and pop. Covering greats such as Stevie Wonder, Al Green, and Otis Redding, these guys and gal are filling shoes and well.

Covers are not the extent of their nine piece repertoire, they also have an impressive list of originals such as their title track "Good as Gold", and "You Don’t Have to Worry (I’ll be There)". Good as Gold, the Nightowls debut 2014 album, is a must listen. Catch these guys live every Sunday at Icenhaur’s on Rainey Street. And if you're here for SXSW, be sure to check out their first SXSW “Soulcase” March 14 at Icenhaur’s."

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