booking questions

Ready to book? Email us at or drop us a line using our CONTACT PAGE

who books The nightowls?

Owner and band leader, Ryan Harkrider.

how do i book the band?

Just reach out to Ryan!, 512.293.1185

If you'd like to book the band, check availability, or have a question about the band or pricing, we're happy to help!

Can i reserve the band on a specific date?

Yes, we allow for interested parties to place temporary holds on specific dates granting them a period of 24 hour right of refusal.  However, the only way to officially secure your desired date is to send in your signed contract and 50% deposit. 

is The Nightowls a franchise? Does the band have any affiliates?

No and nope. The Nightowls are independently owned and operated.

What is your booking process?

Once you have notified us that you are ready to book The Nightowls, you will be sent our online questionnaire that will provide us with all of the information we need to draft a contract.  Once you have reviewed the contract and any necessary adjustments have been finalized, you will print, sign and mail in the contract with the 50% deposit.  You will be sent a fully executed contract upon receipt.  The remaining balance is owed on the day of the event prior to our performance. 

how far do you travel?

The Nightowls travel nationally on a regular basis.  We've performed at weddings and private events all over the US- from California to Maine, Georgia to Colorado., and everywhere in between.  

what kind of events do you perform at?

The Nightowls specialize in weddings, private parties, fundraisers, galas, company parties, birthday parties..basically, any event where people like to dance and have a great time!

logistical questions

Is your band the right size for my event?

YES! The Nightowls have performed for audiences from 50 to 10,000.  Even though we are a 10-piece band, we've gone to great lengths to minimize our overall footprint and volume.  We've performed at venues big and small and can be flexible to make sure that we fit within your vision.  

We have a state of the art sound system that is compact and space efficient.  We use in-ear monitors which eliminates the need for large, loud monitors and allows us to truly control our volume.  While we love a wild, raucous party, we can also ensure that the band is at an appropriate volume for all spaces.  

Typically ask for a 16'x 24' performance space but we can fit on a smaller stage and/or unusual spaces if necessary.  We can make just about about anything work.  

Do you provide your own stage?

No, we do not provide our own stage.  While having a stage is always preferred, we do not require one.  

Do you provide your own sound and lighting?

Yes.  We provide all of our own sound production, sound engineer and stage lighting.  

What other items does the band need?

Our full production list and rider is detailed HERE.  It will also be listed on page 2 & 3 of our contract.  

what are your electrical requirements?

We ask for 3 separate 20 amp outlets to power all of our instruments, lights and sound equipment.

HoW Long does it take you to get set up? loaded out? 

Typically, we need about 3 hours to get completely set up and sound-checked and 2 hours to get all of our equipment out of the venue.  That said, we can offer expedited load in/load out times if needed.  Just ask! 

do you carry liability insurance?

No, however we have several 'day-of' liability insurance options available by request. 

planning and timeline Questions

what does your typical wedding/event timeline look like?

Glad you asked!  While every event/wedding is unique, we typically start the evening with our dinner/cocktail set.  It's full of light instrumental and vocal jazz song selections and a great way to welcome your guests to the reception.  After a quick break, your guests are probably ready to dance.  So from there it's usually 2-3 hours of high-energy dance music!

all this planning is giving me a headache...Can you help me?

Absolutely!  After 6 years and 450+ weddings under our belt, we've got a great understanding of how to make each of our events run smoothly.  We're more than happy to work with you and your coordinator to ensure that all of the details are accounted for and our performance fits your style.

Will someone in the band make announcements?

Yes, we can emcee all of your announcements, special moments, bouquet tosses, etc. across the evening as long as we are provided with a clear itinerary.  

can i help select the songs for the band to perform?

Sure!  We're definitely open to suggestions.  However, the best thing to do is send us a list of your Top 5 "Must Have" and Top 5 "Must Not Have" songs.  This will give us a good idea of your style while still letting the band do what we do best.  

can i play music from my ipod during breaks

Of course!  We can play anything with an auxiliary input (1/8" or 3.5 mm).  Just let us know and we'll arrange to have someone from our crew grab your device before the event.  

what do your band breaks look like?

We require a minimum of 1- 15 minute break between every 60 minutes of performance time.  We can stretch our breaks longer if needed.

Also, we do have options for continuous performance time (60 min+).  Just let us know what you're thinking and we'll make it happen!

Can i use your microphone for toasts/speeches?

Yep.  We have 3 wireless, handheld microphones available for any and all toasts. 

who do i contact with logistical questions?

Our lovely tour manager, Sara Stein, handles all of the details for the band.  Give her a shout:

Can the band learn songs not on the song list?

Yes.  We learn and perform songs by request all the time.  For anything not on our song list, we charge $250/song.  Let us know what you're thinking- all of our musicians are highly trained and we can do just about anything!

extra add-on options

Do you offer ceremony musicians?

Yes, we offer a variety of configurations from a solo pianist to string section to small bands and all points in between.  Options and pricing are available upon request.  

Do you offer sound systems for the ceremony?

Yes, we offer a wide range of ceremony sound system options ranging from simply providing audio support for the officiant to providing a comprehensive PA for bands, vocalists, vows, etc.  Options and pricing are available upon request.  

what is the "second line send off"?

If you want to add some SPICE! to your send off at the end of the night, get ready for.....The Nightowls' "2nd Line Send Off!"  Made popular in Louisiana, the band and horn section lead the bride and groom away from the reception to their getaway vehicle with a traditional New Orleans blues march. 

Do you have extra lighting options?

Yes! We have an upgraded lighting package which includes 4x as many lights and color options, 4 light trusses, moving options, a light technician and more!  It's great for larger audiences and/or spaces and simply a great way to turn the night into an all out party!